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Why should you pick us as your San Diego Real Estate Agent?

Simple. We grew up here and we know the culture. Most real estate agents are 'tour guides'. "Here's the kitchen. Here's the master bedroom." We know the sub-cultures in the neighborhoods of San Diego and beyond. Anybody can find info on a particular property. Here at Agent Prolific we match you with a home and the lifestyle you deserve.


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Our mission is to create happiness for others, and for us it starts in the home. We are a Lifestyle company first. Sales agents second. We care for our clients and promise to put your best interests first. We want to help you find a lifestyle that fits you and your family that way you can Live Prolific


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No Buyer Fees

Most agents or brokers only care about one thing. Getting their sale.

Not us.

We work diligently and put your needs first. Use us as your agent when purchasing a home and never pay us a fee, that's our promise.


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