So you wanna buy a home…

You know every detail this home needs, from the square footage, to the extra room you want to use as your home office/yoga studio/place of solace from your crazy kids. So with the research done and a budget set it’s time to hit the streets and turn this goal into reality, until, reality hits you in the face. You can’t find the home with your special room, your offers aren’t being accepted, and the original budget you set for yourself isn’t working out. PAUSE. This is where we come in, and when I say we, I mean buyers agents. And guess what? You don’t have to pay us a dime!

Here are 5 reasons why you should use a buyers agent when looking for your new home.

1) Searching during high volume periods

During these periods, (typically spring/fall) there’s an influx of inventory to choose from which can be daunting to many people. An agent will have the most up to-date information of what’s currently on the market and can filter through the properties that don’t fit your criteria.

2) Area expertise

Good agents are experts on the various neighborhoods throughout your county. They can give valuable input that you might have overlooked due to the stresses of your home search. Your agent can give deeper insight by providing comparable properties, pros & cons of each neighborhood etc.

3) Write offers and negotiate with confidence

You can feel more confident when negotiating a fair price for your potential home. This is a skill that a buyers agent has continuously worked on and has mastered. Your agent will help you come up with a strategy and implement that strategy to ensure your success.

4) Workflow/Paperwork

There is a TON of paperwork and due dates during a real estate transaction, and much of it can be confusing. An agent will be able to break everything down for you and make sure you don’t overlook the more important documents. Be confident that you will have a smooth and steady transaction.


Last but not least, hiring a buyer’s agent is free to you. We can’t tell you how many people don’t know that we get paid from the seller of the property. So with no cost to you, it should be a no brainer to hire a buyer’s agent, to have proper representation and to make sure you are getting the best deal possible.

We helped our good friend Elvia downsize from her beautiful custom home in Chula Vista. Her business was growing and both her son’s were soon moving out, so she decided to start a new chapter in her life.


had the distinct pleasure of meeting the Maciel’s at an open house my team and I hosted. Like anyone who’s interested in becoming a homeowner, one does their research and proceeds to have a plethora of questions. So we listened, gave our input, and after a month from our initial greeting, Jaime & Tara were ready. They were serious, you’d probably be too if you had homeownership set as one of your goals for the year! For the Maciel’s, location was the key focus for our house hunt. Unfortunately at the time, the Maciel’s were residing in a neighborhood notorious for trouble, and they were fed up with it. My goal was to move them out ASAP, and provide a quality list of homes to view. This became more than an average home search, it was a search for peace of mind.

If you don’t already know, the housing market is extremely limited at the moment. Some homebuyers get discouraged with that fact, but we didn’t let that change our decision on moving forward. As luck would have it, after only a week of house hunting and reflecting on our options, we honed in on a property off East J Street in Chula Vista. We were excited! It was in budget and exactly what we were looking for. A single story home, plenty of room for entertaining guests, and most importantly, it was in a safe neighborhood. We submitted an offer and shortly after our offer was accepted! The stars were aligned, everything seemed perfect, and just as I thought nothing could go wrong, it did.

Look, opening escrow can be a smooth process, smooth like butter if you’re proactive and have a great team working together. This deal however put on the pressure! Life was testing both ends. On my clients side, they were being forcefully evicted, and expected to be out of their rental property the same day we were to close escrow. The only problem was, the sellers were way behind schedule. The big question became, will the sellers be moved out on time? My clients were afraid of being homeless and on top of it, were facing potential legal trouble from their old land lord. They were worried, but I reassured them we would figure this out.

When things couldn’t go more wrong it did. The wife of the sellers delivered her baby days away from escrow and they hadn’t started packing! There was no way they were going to pack everything up by themselves, so I took matters into my own hands. With escrow scheduled to close the next day, I skipped the office and head to my clients soon to be new home. All I saw was a large shipping container, a moving truck, and 5 little kids running around inflicting more stress for everyone! I hopped out the car, got my hands dirty and helped that family move everything until we finished the next day. I wont get to much into detail, but I will say we moved out A LOT! When it was all over relief set in, all the work paid off, my clients were getting a new home!

After all that work, I was able to give my clients the keys to their new home on time. It was so worth it. We really busted a mission to make that day possible. We don’t quit when we see adversity. It drives us to only work harder. Now the Maciel’s are proud homeowners and eager to make this new home theirs! The search for peace of mind concluded. We they and their son are in a safe neighborhood. We always have our friends and clients backs, remember that when you decide to buy or sell your home. 

P.S I recently paid a visit to their home and it is awesome! I can’t wait to share that story and photos with you guys soon.