Buying and owning your own home is something we always recommend! It’s a wonderful thing to be able to feel a sense of pride and security owning your own place. There are a few things to consider first before making the commitment to purchase.



Typically, the longer you plan to stay in your new home, the more sense it makes to buy. If you envision yourself living in your home for 5 year + , then it makes a lot of sense to buy.


If your property is situated in a neighborhood that is experiencing high demand and rising values, it makes a lot of sense to buy.  You should also consider how expensive rents are in that same area and are they trending up or down.


Mortgage interest is deductible from your taxable income. In the early years of your mortgage, mortgage interest payments are large, thus your tax deductions can be large. If you’re in need of tax deductions, buying should definitely be consideration.


Owning a home does have higher monthly costs associated with it than renting. These costs are associated with property taxes, maintenance, improvements and your mortgage. If you are disciplined with your money and you have some flexibility in your monthly budget – buying would be a great recommendation.


Tax deductions and the potential for sizable equity growth (over time) are two benefits of owning a home, but you should consider the financial obligation you will be committing to when purchase. Typically, housing costs are the largest monthly costs for most households. Additionally, unlike home owners, most renters don’t have to worry about maintenance, upkeep or property taxes. If you are currently strapped on cash – it would not be a good idea to purchase, even if some lenders are willing to finance your purchase.


If you are willing to stay in one place for some time, buying  would be a great option. If you’re a bit more nomadic and like to move around, buying may not be an optimal choice.

The Buying process can be complicated, but we’ll simplify it for you and walk your thru each step!!

If you have serious questions about buying or even selling real estate, give us a call!


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By: Miguel Contreras

Country Vistas in Bonita

Listing Price: $870,000


Address: 1472 Country Vistas Ln.

Profile: 3,564 sq. ft. | 5 bed, 5 bath

When there’s a pool, jacuzzi, and a Master bedroom big enough for your home office; yes, we will list your home in a heartbeat. This beautiful bonitian home has personality. As soon as one walks through the front door, you’re struck with a great first impression. The wide-open space got our creative juices flowing of layout possibilities, and were positive you’ll feel the same way. Going down the hallway will directly lead you to the family kitchen. It’s one of those kitchens that begs to be the room of choice for entertainment. Each room is spacious and gives plenty of privacy. Outside has a healing like element that helps you decompress from your day. Trust us, when we say it’s a must see. This home has personality, now it’s looking for a family that can match it.

Sold by Miguel Contreras | 619.977.6447 |

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What does it mean to file for Bankruptcy?

For this week’s episode of Coffee Shop Confessionals (C.S.C) we met with Jason Turner of J. Turner Law Group at the famous Donny’s cafe in Bonita. We discussed how your financial state can affect your overall happiness, what bankruptcy means, and the steps one can do to file bankruptcy.

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