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Press Release from 11/02/16


As the year is coming to an end, Agent Prolific’s momentum continues to grow. David Castillo of Agent Prolific (Led by Miguel Contreras) continues his streak by helping the Gustafson family purchase their beautiful new home in the Encanto neighborhood for $405,000. The Gustafson’s were looking for investment property in San Diego, and David Castillo delivered. On the other side of the deal Dante laura of Coldwell Banker West represented the sellers.

With newly installed granite counters, high end laminate floors, and stainless steel appliances this remodel is a charming piece of property.

Agent Prolific is San Diego’s most exciting up and coming Real Estate Group. Innovation is what makes Agent Prolific an exciting company to watch out for in the future. The core mantra of Agent Prolific is connectedness, happiness, and grit when working with their clients. “Agent Prolific isn’t the average run of the mill real estate company you’re used to, it’s a lifestyle company reinventing the way a company connects with clients by giving MORE than just a house”.



What does it mean to file for Bankruptcy?

For this week’s episode of Coffee Shop Confessionals (C.S.C) we met with Jason Turner of J. Turner Law Group at the famous Donny’s cafe in Bonita. We discussed how your financial state can affect your overall happiness, what bankruptcy means, and the steps one can do to file bankruptcy.

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Agent Prolific’s Miguel Contreras sells another one…


Press Release from November 1, 2016:

Agent Prolific is pleased to announce the sale of a newly renovated single family home in Spring Valley. The subject property is located at 753 Osage and was sold for $415,000. Escrow closed the 27th of October, 2016.  The Titus family purchased the home and was represented by Paul Neeb of Full Realty Services. The Acierto Family listed and sold the property with Miguel Contreras of Agent Prolific with RE/MAX 24k .

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Purchase Price: Sold

Neighborhood: Eastlake

Address: 2390 Greenbriar Rd. Unit D

Profile: 1,454 sq. ft. | 3 bed, 3 bath

“Live Prolifically”

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Coffee Shop Confessionals

This is our first video of a new segment we’re calling “Coffee Shop Confessionals” (CSC). We’ll be touring around town visiting some of our favorite coffee houses and roasters and will be discussing business and life, because my business as I assume many of your businesses are very much entwined with your lives… And more and more these days the lines separating business /work and personal life have been blurred. We’ll talk a lot of real estate, because, well that’s what I do, but we’ll also talk about business in general, life, relationships, raising kids etc. TODAY I want to talk about happiness.

I want to focus on this today because there’s so much negativity floating around these days. I think many of us are not achieving the true happiness we seek. Maybe we’re a little bummed out or a bit angry. BUT, at the core of things, I know that what drives us is the search for love and happiness. Now I am not going to get into a big Ole hippie monologue, but I have been studying the science of happiness lately, reading books like the rise of Superman and the Happiness Project. There’s one key element that stood out to me, one very important pillar to finding happiness, and its meaningful acts or acts of generosity.

This seems like such a simple principle, there’s more to it than just giving your money and time to a good cause. The actual act of being generous changes you inside, it makes you more flexible, more open minded and quite frankly knowing that life is so much bigger than us as individuals. When our hearts are humbled, hardened hearts become softer, and softer hearts can receive and give more love, and when we give more love we spread the happiness, and when we spread the happiness, we become happier because we’ve tapped into flowing river of happiness. This is true too, happier people tend to live longer healthier lives and they find meaning in the acts that they perform, they don’t need to chase a muse for inspiration, their magnum opus is their life and the ability to share it with those whom they care for and love. So with this video I am challenging myself, along with you to find more joy in the things we do by being more generous. Click on the comments below, I would love your feedback.

Until next time amigos, stay caffeinated and motivated…

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Are you thinking about selling your home?

First impressions mean everything, if we give a good first impression the better chances we have landing the interview, getting a second date, its imperative making good first impressions in important situations such as these. The same goes when selling your home, and the first thing most home buyers notice is –wait for it– the kitchen.

Yes the kitchen, and some of you are nodding your heads in agreement. In fact I’m confident many of you reading this bought the home you’re living in now because you or your spouse fell in love with that sweet hands free faucet. (Seriously this is pretty sweet) The kitchen is where the home starts for many, so we wanted to highlight how even small simple upgrades can elevate the value of your home.

The smartest, most efficient kitchen updates include painting and new cabinet hardware. Consider using neutral colors, its a very subtle subconscious seed you can plant in home buyers to help them envision the kitchen to match their unique style. Another great idea would be to upgrade one (or all) of the appliances in the kitchen. If you haven’t the funds for a full kitchen appliance upgrade, upgrading one piece can go a long way, and you’d be surprised of the rise in value.

Check out how you can upgrade a kitchen in a single weekend

If you’re still hesitant making some upgrades before selling your home keep in mind the fact that a buyer could potentially cut up to $10,000 off of their offer price if the kitchen is dated. Typically, when potential buyers see a dated home, they see $$$$  in money they perceive they’ll need to invest in remodeling/ updating – which will directly impact offer price.  When Selling a property, we want to the home to look and smell great ( think of how new car scent makes you feel).  The newer (updated) it looks ,  typically the more offers you’ll receive. If you are thinking about selling your home get informed and contact us today if you’d like to know what your home is worth and how it compares to other homes in your neighborhood. We would be more than happy to properly comp out your home and give you an estimate on the potential earnings you could make with even the simplest of upgrades that may help net you more Moolah!

If you’d like to know how much your home is worth and see whether or not you should make an upgrade contact us today!

Nowadays, many of us have rented or know someone who’s rented an airbnb.

If you’re unfamiliar with the airbnb (click here), it’s a simple app that lets individuals rent someone’s home for a short amount of time. For some, this opened another stream of income without the headaches that come with long term renting. You have the opportunity to bring few extra bucks here and there and if you’re ambitious, grow it to become a main source of income.

With that being said,  we wanted to list some tips here on our blog for people who were seeking some advice, and were interested in renting out their properties airbnb style!

Know your Clients

Take a look at the property you’re thinking of renting and visualize the type of client that would consider staying there. Are you close to a business district? Is nightlife lively? is it located in a remote area? Understanding your niche will help give you leverage when marketing and pricing your airbnb. It’s not enough just to market to everyone, so really take your time here.

You have neighbors!

Some of you might have neighbors next door, or even above you if you plan on renting an apartment. Do you live in a quiet neighborhood with early bird neighbors? You need to keep this in mind when renting out to a client. It is important to have a good relationship with your neighbors if you plan on renting out your space. An angry neighbor could destroy your chances of an airbnb business. Remember to always be respectful and polite.

  • Be respectful
  • Be aware
  • Be professional

Marketing is key!

If you want potential clients to choose your listing you have to SELL IT. That doesn’t mean just putting up photos with your favorite filter, or writing up a cute description and thinking you’re done. Remember you are targeting a specific client, so tailor it specifically towards them. If you live next to a certain district highlight it, if you’re okay with them throwing a party and the neighbors are informed and approve it, help paint them that picture of a great party.

  • Target a specific group
  • Be aware of events
  • Know you’re neighborhood

Set the Rules

You want to be clear with your list of rules beforehand, but remember not to go overboard and scare all your potential clients. A printed copy of house rules will be the best solution in making sure your guests are clear on what they are. Some categories to think about would be:

  • Extra guests permitted?
  • Smoking?
  • Parties?
  • When are quiet hours?
  • Are Pets allowed?

Get the price right

Setting the price right can be tricky and requires constant updating. you don’t want to be over priced where no client would want to stay, or place it too low where you would be throwing away money. To learn a good strategy check out this article.

If you follow these tips you’ll be on your way to extra income in no time. So get out there and make sure this a fun experience for you and your clients. If you have any questions on investing in properties in the San Diego area for airbnb make sure to contact us today!

Purchase Price: Sold

Neighborhood: Spring Valley

Address: 753 Osage St.

Profile: 1,454 sq. ft. | 3 bed, 2 bath

“Live Prolifically”

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So Fresh and So Clean

Roaming the streets of San Diego, and occasionally stationed outside of “Park and Rec” you’ll find the food truck Simply Fresh. With a California cuisine inspired menu, you’ll have a tough time choosing exactly what you’ll want to try. While I wanted to gorge down on everything I read from the menu I told my gluttonous self to make a choice, and boy did I choose right. As I gave my order to the beautiful server she told me that she would bring the food inside the bar as soon as it was finished. (Awesome)

After about 15 min I was given my food at the bar as I was working on my second Pimm’s cup. As she set the food down I found a beautifully prepared cubano panini. It was served in the perfect proportion, and as I took the first bite I was greeted with savory flavor and freshness you can’t help but taste. I’m excited to try more of the menu the next time I’m up in University Heights. Check out their menu below and be sure to give them a follow.

5 things first time home buyers should do

Buying real estate can be intimidating for some and many questions may come to mind like, how do I know when it’s the right time to buy? How do I get pre-approved from a lender? Who can I trust to help me with the process? The list of questions can go on. We created a small list for first time home buyers to be used as a guide.

1. Create a Budget

This should be the 1st thing you do before moving forward. Create a solid plan and figure out what you can spend before you start browsing, it’s critical that you draw up questions such as, what is the most you can afford? What is your price range? We recommend using a mortgage calculator to help you get started. Determine the maximum monthly payment you can afford based on the price of the home after a down payment, and over a 30-year-mortgage. It’s important to note that you should include maintenance costs when searching. If it becomes too high just continue with your research.

2. Think of you and your family (Lifestyle)

This may sound like a big duh but you would be surprised how many people forget to think about the lifestyle they wish to live when searching for a home. What features will hinder your well being and what would enhance it? Think of things like, having garden to nurture, a big backyard for the kids, A neighborhood with a popping nightlife etc. Explore the market, go to open houses even those that may be out of your budget. This will help you get a better understanding of the different features/lifestyle a home/neighborhood can offer, which will help you reevaluate your list.

3. Find a great realtor

And you can always count on us here at Agent Prolific. We have a team of well educated and experienced realtors. A great realtor can make or break the home buying experience and no one wants to go through a long and painful home buying experience. We have contacts with lenders, remodelers , inspectors; hey you name it we got it. The most important attribute when choosing a real estate agent is his ability to listen to your needs which goes back to number 2 of the list. Its very important you come prepared to your agent that way he or she can knows exactly what to consider when researching properties.

4. Closing Costs 

Closing costs, which don’t include your personal moving costs, can vary widely. Typical closing costs include the hiring of a real-estate attorney to look over your buyer-seller agreement and a home appraiser to evaluate the home before the sale. All of these costs usually come from the buyer.

5. Educate yourself on the process 

The old advice about buying your first home is still true, these examples include – Save for a down payment of 20 percent, get your credit into a better shape and don’t buy more than you can afford. Make sure to have an emergency fund. Here are some good articles to check out to refresh your memory: Roadmap for a Successful Relocation, Should You Buy a Home Now?, 11 Tips for First-Time Homebuyers, Renting vs. Buying: The Realities of Home-Ownership, Pay Off Mortgage Early or Invest?