• Clients


  • Location

    Ocean View Hills

  • Necessities

    Property with rental potential

    3 bedrooms

    Safe Neighborhood

  • Days in Escrow

    30 Days

  • Obstacles

    Contingent on the sale of property

    Pivoting from original plan of finding dream home to finding a home to rent out in the future

Their Story.

We helped our good friend Elvia downsize from her beautiful custom home in Chula Vista. Her business was growing and both her son’s were soon moving out, so she decided to start a new chapter in her life. We listed her home and hit the streets to view properties. To call a new space home, there needs to be a connection between you and the space. It can be frustrating when you’ve looked at over 50 homes and nothing was clicking. The San Diego Real Estate Market as of late has been limited in inventory, so of the properties we were viewing, hers was starting to not look like it was out there.

We were contingent on finding a new home, so time was of the essence. We looked at numerous properties, but nothing was clicking. Then Elvia had a great idea. We were focused on finding her perfect home, but the odds were against her because of the condition of the market. She decided she wanted to use the cash she got for her old home and purchase a home with great rental potential. So we pivoted our home search and plan entirely. Elvia decided to take advantage of her situation and think long term. Her plan shifted from finding the home she would settle in, to buying a home she can later rent out and use that cash to help pay for a mortgage on her dream home.

As soon as we changed our plans we found the home nestled in Ocean View Hills, just south of Chula Vista. Ocean View Hills is a wonderful community for new families, with great schools and shops around, the perfect spot to rent out to! Everything worked out at the end and Elvia plans on living here for a few years before going out to look for her dream home.

Robert Polan

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