3 Common Mistakes When Selling A Contingent Home - Mistake #1

This is the biggest mistake contingent home sellers make! Being contingent puts you in a peculiar position, and it can be difficult for your offer to be accepted.

2 Fears Home Sellers Can Face

In this video we highlight two of the most common fears people have when selling their home in order to buy a new one. Learn the strategies we use to address these fears.

Avoid These 3 Mistakes When Selling Your Home to Purchase a New Home

Selling a home can prove to be a nerve wracking process for many sellers, especially if you will also be buying a new home simultaneously.

3 Reasons to Sell if You Live in Chula Vista

Chula Vista is one of the fastest growing cities in California. Development has boomed ever since the great recession, unemployment is at it’s lowest, and families are growing faster than ever.

Empty Nest - Downsizing our clients using Prop 60 & 90

The McKinley's are one of the sweetest couples I know. They’ve been married nearly 50 years and still treat one another as if they were on their honeymoon.

5 Tips For New Realtors

I started my venture as a full time Real Estate Agent over a year ago. I’ve had the opportunity to work with a big brokerage, as well as (where I still work today) a boutique. Both taught and continue to teach me the realities an “employed”…

Selling Property in Probate with Family Conflict and Squatters

Working in real estate has been one of the most rewarding things I’ve done. It’s a fun business too, but it’s not without its challenges and adrenaline rushes.

When the San Diego Real Estate Market Prices You Out

It is no secret that the San Diego real estate market is HOT, but it depends on what your definition of hot is and what side you’re playing on.

Reflections | A Home Search For Peace Of Mind

I had the distinct pleasure of meeting the Maciel’s at an open house my team and I hosted. Like anyone who’s interested in becoming a homeowner, one does their research and proceeds to have a plethora of questions. So we listened, gave our…

Family First

Real Estate Relocation can be one of the most emotionally taxing and nerve wracking experiences. Imagine having to leave your city, family, friends, and  support network. It can be sad, especially if there are children involved, however sometimes…