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768 Castaway

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Sale Price: $450,000 Neighborhood: Ocean View Hills Address: 768 Castaway San Diego, CA 92154 Profile: 1,006 sq. ft. | 2 bed + 2 bath | Condo To Find Something Similar Contact David Castillo | 619.920.6983 | David@agentprolific.com…

2039 Waterbury

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https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LLJadEJVG0Q&t=14s Sale Price: $650,000 Neighborhood: Eastlake Cottages Address: 2039 Waterbury Chula Vista, CA 91913 Profile: 1,267 sq. ft. | 3 bed, 2 bath | Single Family…

3976 National Ave. San Diego, CA 92113

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https://www.youtube.com/embed/awxl8TNDckc Sale Price: $535,000 Neighborhood: Logan Heights Address: 3976 National Ave. San Diego, CA 92113 Profile: 1,167 sq. ft. | 2 bed + 1 bath | Single Family Home + | 1 bed + 1 bath |…

Agent Prolific Vs Agent Zellyurazoff

Episode 7 - "Listing Property and Pricing"

Listing and Selling Property the right way takes Skill and craft. Many Agents just play games and will do anything to get a listing, even if it means setting unrealistic expectations just to get the contract. Agent Prolific Miguel Contreras…

Episode 6 - Zellyurazoff is back at it again!

When it comes to showing property the buyer's needs come first.. but that's not the case for Mr.Zellyurazoff! Miguel Contreras DRE #01443315 AgentProlific.com

Episode 5 - "Do Open Houses Actually Work "

Agent Prolific vs Agent Zellyurazoff Open Houses can be great Public Relations tools to create buzz for a property, but do they truly sell the house? Typically, Open Houses do not lead to selling a house, they're positioned as a great…

EPISODE 4 - "Does Door Knocking Still Work"

Agent Prolific vs Agent Zellyurazoff Few agents excel at door knocking, most fail miserably. Marketing has shifted and while the few who are great at doorknocking will find some success door knocking, the majority of agents will fail…

EPISODE 3 - "We vs Me"

Agent Prolific vs Agent Zellyurazoff In this episode, we explore the team concept and the team leader perspective of "We" vs the selfish leader's paradigm of "ME, ME, ME" Get a laugh and an inside look at the good and bad of the real…

Episode 2 - Value vs Celebrity

VALUE is GREATER than celebrityIn the age of reality TV stars & Hit TV shows about real estate, many agents have lost focus on what's truly important in the business!Agent Prolific's Miguel Contreras discusses that incongruence while…

Episode 1 - "Good vs Bad!"

Agent Prolific vs Agent Zellyurazoff There is so much good in the real estate industry, but also an endless supply of... well just watch! Laugh and Learn!


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