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Will Homeownership Make or Break You?

Typically, when you ask a real estate agent if it’s an excellent time to purchase a home, most will undoubtedly respond, “YES!!!!” Then, they’ll ramble on and spew what seems to be a never-ending list of benefits that come along with…

State of the San Diego Real Estate Market

Miguel Contreras responds to Fox Business News Article (published on 2/8/2019) regarding California Affordability Crunch and gives specific details and indicators about the state of our San Diego Real Estate market halfway thru Q1 of 2019…

Tried and Tried, but you couldn't sell your home!

These are the TOP 3 reasons you home DID not sell!

3 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Buy A House

⭐ DON'T fall for used car sales tactics! 👉 Here are 3 Reasons First-Time Home Buyers should NOT buy a property

Don't Hire A Sales Hack To Sell Your Property

Home sellers get turned off by real estate agents because of high pressure "Always be Closing" sales tactics... but, what sellers want these days is an experienced real estate professional who educates instead of pressure them! 🔴 WATCH…

Is Rent Control A Solution For San Diego’s Housing Affordability Crisis?

The state of Oregon recently passed legislation approving Rent Control and banning no cause evictions statewide. This legislation was adopted as an attempt to address Oregon’s ever-increasing rents and cost of living. Tenant advocates across…

Why Hasn’t Your Property Sold?

Many times, there are extenuating circumstances that impede a property from being sold. However, most often, the truth is that there are typically three common themes that lead to a property’s inability to sell. These are the Top 3 reasons why your property hasn’t or did not sell.

Are you done with San Diego?

California is experiencing a mass exodus of residents; and states like Arizona, Idaho, Colorado, and Texas have become a sanctuary for those fleeing the high cost of living in California.

Reality TV Shows Kill Real Estate?

Thanks to reality TV shows on networks like HGTV, Real Estate celebrities have become a trend much like “influencers” on Instagram.


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