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Miguel Contreras

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     Kick Butt Realtor, Speaker, Husband, father of three, avid reader, coffee junky, foodie, seeker of knowledge, Bon Vivant, connecter and a rebel with a cause. Miguel was born and raised in sunny San Diego. He’s tried to leave San Diego many times but has always been drawn back to San Diego by the sheer allure of its culture and people! As a graduate of San Diego State University, he likes to put his knowledge of his degree in social sciences to work for you! Additionally, he holds a professional certificate in Real Estate Development and Finance from the University of San Diego and has more than 15 years of real estate experience under his belt. Miguel’s drive stems from a desire to help persons reach true independence and freedom through wealth, and creating that wealth thru real estate. He created Agent Prolific Team  – a driving force in the industry, to better serve clients: working with traditional buyers and sellers, but also in various niches like probate, trust sales, Fix-and-flip, Buy and hold investments, small development opportunities, etc. Miguel’s secret to success and personal motto is, “If you’re a resource for others, you’ll always be in demand.

“It is this creed that inspires him to be the ultimate connector – connecting people to opportunities, manifesting ideas into life changers!”

David Castillo

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A fun-loving husband, father, and driven real estate agent. Homegrown in San Diego and a Graduate of San Diego State University. Before working in real estate, David was a business development leader in a health and wellness organization that allowed him the opportunity to build and lead a group of 400+ salespersons throughout the country. He brings that grit to the real estate industry, knowing that patience and alignment with the client’s goals and vision are at the core of success!

He may come across as coy or reserved but is hilarious, and a riot to spend time with. He’s also a craft beer connoisseur and he’s never met a donut he didn’t like!

Alexandria Alvarez

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Alexandria “Alex” Alvarez is a San Diego native who recently graduated from San Diego State with a bachelor’s in business management. While she just obtained her real estate license this past year, Alex grew up in the business, literally! Her mother has been an agent for nearly 20 years. Alex grew up swearing she’d never work in the industry as her mother would make her go to “open houses” as a teenager. Only time would tell, and she couldn’t help but fall in love with the business! She’s worked in the real estate industry the last four years assisting the Agent Prolific Team as executive assistant/boss lady/ whatever-whenever!  She brings high-spirited laughs and love to the office while caring tremendously about our clients. Alexandria is ready Rock-and-Rolls in sales! When she’s not at the office or out in the field, she likes to work on burning calories and spending time with friends and family. Oh, and don’t put a puppy in front of her as she will come undone with the giggles!

Brian Cording

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Brian has a penchant for small business spurned by curiosity and fueled further by an entrepreneurial spirit. He spent his career working to be a more valuable resource to clients by consistently working on continuing education and reading to be versed in many facets, ranging from technology to analysis trends. Brian started with a foundation in business at San Diego State University and furthered his formal education at Point Loma Nazarene University where he received his MBA. These tools helped him achieve national recognition multiple times in his role with Wells Fargo and he utilized his thirteen years with the bank to be able to bring a wealth of knowledge, resources, gumption, relentlessness and experience to his clients and their needs.

Brian is blessed to have his beautiful wife Veronica and two handsome boys Joaquin and Julian. When he is not in the office he enjoys running, lots of soccer and basketball as well as time at the movie theater!


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