Listing Price: $590,000

Neighborhood: Chula Vista

Address: 1425 Robles Ave.

Profile: 1,796 sq. ft. | 4 bed, 2 bath

When you start a family it becomes a priority. Many families started in small condos or apartments and that served as their foundation. With 2 kids and a solid routine of after school actives things tend to start to get a little… cramped. You knew this day would come but not this fast! I mean what the heck, it was just yesterday you were waking up every 3 hours to your kids crying but you couldn’t help but to attend to them. The time has come. You’ve saved up and are looking to get a little more elbow room and to create a new chapter of memories with your family. You’re in luck, our listing is looking to house a family just like this one. With 4 bedrooms an 1,700 sqft. you’ll have plenty of room, and in a sought after neighborhood because of its safety and surrounding schools your family will be able to grow prolifically. Family is always a priority!

To schedule a showing contact Miguel Contreras | 619.977.6447 |

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