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Why choose us as your real estate agent for Paradise Hills? Easy, we grew up here! We know every nook and cranny. Paradise Hills is locally known as PH. The best thing about Paradise Hills is that the properties here have LAND! You can find many properties where the backyard is big, build a granny flat, and rent it out. Paradise Hills is one of the last places in San Diego where your neighbors won’t call the cops if you’re throwing a party at night. Just don’t forget to invite the neighbors.

Also, PH has a good mix of races. If you have children, you can expect to that your kids will be culturally well rounded. That’s how we grew up!

It’s close to the border so you can swing over to TJ and eat the best tacos or even have a feast (with alcohol) for $35. A similar meal in USA would be $80+. Rosarito is ½ hour away ad Ensenada about 1 ½ hours.

While almost all of Paradise Hills is a good place to live, there are congested areas or some too close to areas where crime happens (like Skyline). That’s why you want to work with a real estate agent that knows PH very well. We don’t just sell houses. We sell lifestyle! Call us today.

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