A coquito christmas!

Last week our friends Jason and Naomi came over to show us how to make coquitos! Coquito is a traditional Puerto Rican drink enjoyed during the holidays. Learn how to make this drink for your next holiday party!


Are you 55 or older? Do You Know What Prop 60 Can Do For You?

Are you aware of what Proposition 60 can do for you? Are you ready to cut your cost of living to a whole new minimum without sacrificing your quality of life? If so, you are ready to hear about an exciting new development in title law. Did you know that you can transfer your home title to a whole new property without raising your property taxes? As a matter of fact, you can lower them to a level that you will be completely comfortable with. Thanks to the passage of Propostion 60, you can remain a home owner while downsizing your costs without losing your comfort.

Are You Ready to Cut Your Basic Cost of Living?

You may be ready to cut your cost of living in Southern California but you may not quite know how. Thanks to the passage of Proposition 60, there is a way to make downsizing property in San Diego a reality. You can transfer the title from your present home to a new location of equal or slightly lesser worth while also keeping your property taxes at their present level. This is a one time offer that you are fully qualified to take advantage of. The time to do so is now as this offer is strictly limited.

How Can You Transfer Your Title to a New Home?

If you are interested in transferring your title to a new home, you can do so by means of the brand new Proposition 60 enactment. Your reasons for doing so may come down to a number of factors. Your children may have flown the nest or you may have recently suffered a bereavement. Regardless of your reasons, one thing is clear: You have the ability to transfer your title to a whole new property without having to suffer the penalty of increased taxes. To do this, you need to take advantage of the new rules that Proposition 60 has established for home owners who are over the age of 60.

There is No Time Like the Present to Lower Your Home Taxes

If you are interested in downsizing property in San Diego, now is the time to learn what Proposition 60 can do for you. You can move to a whole new location in an exciting new area of your choice without having to suffer the sting of an increase in your applicable property taxes. There’s no need to hold on to an excessively costly property due to sentimental reasons. If you want to be free of an oppressive financial burden, now is your time to cut the cord. Feel free to contact us in order to learn more about what Proposition 60 can do on your behalf.


If you are ready to cut your cost of living in Southern California, we can help. Downsizing property in San Diego is easier than ever to accomplish. Contact us today for details.

feng shui basics

What’s feng shui?

Feng Shui is the chinese art form of placement in a space. Feng shui means “wind and water” and is generally used to bring balance and harmony to your life by utilizing the Qi (Chi) around you. These principles have been used for thousands of years and we wanted to create a quick little guide for those who are interested in utilizing their space to the next level. We will highlight the basics so you can go and try this out in your own home.

Choosing the right colors

via housebeautiful.com

Whether you practice Feng Shui or not, colors are the most important part when deciding to design a room to your liking. Did you know that colors play a huge role in our daily lives? “They can make us happy, sad, angry or melancholic, and we are also thought right from the beginning of our lives to put color tags on a thing” Color psychology.org So let that be a reminder when choosing the right colors for your rooms.

Check out this pallet to help you get started 

Furniture & Decor

When you do research into furniture placement, many sources credit symmetry as the most important factor when regarding placement. That creates much dead space though, which is bad for the flow of energy. I like to “connect” all the pieces together. Think of how we charge phones, there’s a wire that transfer power from the walls to the phone. I think of furniture placement like this. If there are disruptions such as dead space it cuts the flow of energy. Don’t be afraid to mix different textures or mediums such as metal, woods, or even crystals in the mix. It’s important to note however, not to use a lot of the same material, find a nice balance with it all.


Natural lighting is critical. Try and incorporate as much natural lighting as you possibly can. Make sure windows are clean and that you uncover blinds and curtains whenever possible. Light boosts your mood in a positive way so don’t shy away from it.

Try it for yourself

We hope that this small list can help inspire you to bring feng shui into your life. To some this may sound silly and if does to you we challenge you to give it a try. You’ll be surprised of what moving a piece of furniture or color can do to your mood. If you want some more cool ideas how you can incorporate feng shui be sure to follow us on Instagram and facebook. Make sure to send us some pics of your rooms and how they make you feel as well!

p: positive emotions

Let’s define Positive Emotion

We are going to start off the series by breaking down “P” which stands for positive emotions. As we said in our intro, positive emotions can be fleeting, or long lasting…

Since we’re going to focus on the longer lasting types of happiness later, we’ll examine the “pleasurable life” here. This is one of the more primal types of happiness and aspect of well-being. It’s also the shortest type of happiness, so it makes sense to call it “in-the-moment” happiness.

When you eat a piece of cake, you experience “in-the-moment” pleasure, but depending on your body – especially if you’re allergic – you could experience pain from it later. Of course, the two things don’t go hand in hand.

We’ve all heard the expression “Stop and smell the roses”. This is an example of momentary pleasure as well. This type of pleasure is usually marked with a smile and we all need that in our lives! Doing more of what makes us feel good gets us in the habit of creating positive feelings. And that is a habit that directly contributes to your well-being.

What can you do to practice?

So, what can we do to help inspire more positivity in your life? A great place to start would be to write everything you are grateful for. It sounds cliché, but have you taken the time to write everything down? There is more of a connection when writing down experiences and current moments in your life.

Keeping an achievement list is also a great place to start. Nothing feels better then accomplishing tasks you’ve set out for yourself. Write down what you did today and try to do better than the last day. Remember 4% improvement is all you need. Positive emotions stimulate your brain in a fantastic way and I promise you if you put it to practice you’ll notice a significant difference. The best part about that is, it’s only the first concept of PERMA, so we’ll see you on the next post.

P.S. Hopefully the following photos instill some positive emotions/vibes for you:

Super Corgi; here to save the day!


We’ve all made this face…



In the beginning…


WatchMySideBurnsxXx via https://www.google.com/search?site=imghp&tbm=isch&q=funny%20images&tbs=sur:fmc#imgrc=hG9iSzhWYs29vM%3A

Relationship goals



Funny sock…

The weird-ass sock:


When you get in trouble with mom


Greatest fail of all time

The job application:

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Wait for it…

The failed face-swap:



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