Hacking Happiness

When people go through a traumatic experience and grow from it, this is called post-traumatic growth. There is a whole branch of psychology dedicated to the science of happiness – it’s called positive psychology. This is what sparked the need to create this series. We are on a mission to guide entrepreneurs, doctors, lawyers, moms and dads, and anyone who is looking for that one thing; a happier place – to live the good life. However in order to reach peak potential, it pays to examine the biggest challenges that may be holding you down.

So for the next few weeks we’ll be dissecting the accronym PERMA. To get started we’ll just breakdown what each letter stands for.

Did you know only 10% of your happiness is determined by your circumstances

While 40% of your hapiness is determined by your state of mind. In other words, the actions that you take, the stories you tell yourself and the attitude you set determines a significant amount of your day-to-day and long-term happiness.

So how can you affect that 40% directed by your internal state of mind?

Martin Seligman, the “father of positive psychology”, lays out 5 key aspects of well being in his seminal book “Flourish”. These aspects are summed up as the acronym PERMA (which I like to associate with being permanently happy, even though that’s not realistic.)


P = Positive Emotions 

E = Engagement

R = Relationships

M = Meaning

A = Accomplishment


Since writing “Flourish” there have been thousands of studies done to further the points Dr. Seligman makes. For the following, we’ve gathered the findings that are simple to apply in your own lives starting today. Let’s get started shall we?

Learn to control your happiness with PERMA

Positive Emotions

Positive emotions can be fleeting, or long lasting. But since we’re going to focus on the longer lasting types of happiness later, we’ll examine the “pleasurable life” here. This is probably the most primal type of happiness and aspect of well being. It’s also the shortest type of happiness, so it makes sense to call it “in-the-moment” happiness.

Engagement & Flow

At the peak of engagement there’s this magical mental state called “flow”. People often refer to being in flow as “being in the zone”.  It’s when time seems to stop and everything you need to do next becomes crystal clear.

This type of engagement draws on all of your senses; awareness, responsiveness and creativity are heightened. You feel unstoppable and the opportunities seems endless resulting in an incredible natural high.


Author Jim Rohn, has been quoted as having said, “We are the average of the top 5 persons we associate with most.” When people are asked at the end of their life what their biggest regrets are, it is very often around relationships.

However, this may be the hardest part of well being to get ahold of because you cannot control other people. You can influence them, but if you go about it the wrong way, the most well-intentioned plans can backfire quickly. This is why learning to communicate effectively – both with others and with yourself – can give you a huge advantage. That and practicing gratitude…

Meaningful Acts

Living a meaningful life is one of the three types of happiness, and the most long-lasting happiness of all three. One interesting fact about this aspect of well being is that, like flow, it doesn’t necessarily mean you are going to be smiling.

In fact, the day-to-day aspects of it might be very difficult. The important thing to note about meaningful acts is the only one that your work needs to be meaningful to is YOU. What’s most important to your happiness is that YOU know you are doing meaningful work.


When you accomplish something, it creates positive well being in your life in a number of ways. The moment you accomplish something you may experience a number of positive emotions such as joy, pride, excitement, relief, etc. In addition, you can get positive feelings from looking back at what you accomplished later on, especially if you entered into flow or if it was meaningful to you.

So there’s the rundown. We are looking forward to sharing all of this content with you in the coming months. Our mission is to help people attain a prolific life. We do more than just traditional real estate services. We want to change the way people view a real estate company, or realtors for that matter. We want to give you an experience that will help inspire you to challenge yourself to reach newer heights.

“Live Prolific”